Weekend Round-up

Saturday was the annual Alpha Phi Formal which I had the lovely opportunity to plan as Director of Chapter Events (aka Social Chair). After months of stressing, planning, not sleeping, having nightmares, the night had come..and it turned out BEAUTIFULLY.

I would like to thank my committee- Jen, Amber, Desi, Kristen, and Brittany for all of their wonderful amounts of help through out the formal-planning process. Jen for helping me get the place together; Amber for her wonderful decorating skills; Desi for doing a great job as VP Program Development and keeping me on track; Kristen for writing the checks; and Brittany for helping with the busing. I would also like to thank you to Michelle and her fiance for coming out at 10:30 A.M. to help Amber and I decorate the Ashland Country Club. A special thank you goes out to my lovely boyfriend, Cody, for putting up with my rants and weird moods due to stress and lack of sleep; thanks for keeping me calm and bringing me back down to earth when I needed it. :]

Center pieces

my lovely date, Cody

The ever-beautiful Amber!

The one and only Brittany!

All my sisters <3

This afternoon, Ashland University held its 24th Annual Leadership and Service Recognition Reception. I had been nominated for the Emerging Leader Award by the Alpha Phi Sorority and the Tau Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. I am humbled to have been nominated by these two organizations that are so dear to me and am proud to represent them as the Ashland University Emerging Leader. I am honored to know that I will be leaving a legacy on this campus when I graduate in 2014. Congratulations to all of those who received a nomination and/or were selected to receive an award! You are all dedicated and talented students and were all very deserving of your recognition as a leader on the AU campus. 

All of the students, faculty, and staff who received an award at the Leadership and Service Recognition Reception

Emerging Leader Award

Cody received the Outstanding Male Undergraduate Award, too!

With Love,


  1. Congrats on winning the award! Formal was a blast, you did great! AOE <3

  2. Ditto everything Rachael said! I had so much fun at formal dear. Plus, I'm so proud of you and your award! What a weekend you've had! :)