Lights, Camera, Action!

As we all know, I am a Journalism and Digital Media major here at Ashland University. This summer, I have been blessed with a few opportunities to look into the film side of my major. 

Next month, I will be going to Hollywood to produce and direct a documentary on domestic violence on behalf of the Mary Kay Inspiring Stories program and Dreaming Tree Films. I will be partnered with a crew of 7 other women to create this documentary. Although I have never been a victim of domestic violence, I feel that this is an important issue that society often chooses to keep "hush-hush." Through the creation of this documentary, I hope to increase an awareness of domestic violence and give women the confidence they need to stand up for themselves. Even though this documentary will be focusing on how domestic violence affects women, I believe that domestic violence can affect anyone; men, women, and children. Domestic violence is not just physical violence but can also be displayed in emotional, mental, and psychological violence. I'm very excited for this opportunity to learn more about film and domestic violence in August. 

Currently, I am helping the Ashland Film Group work on a documentary project that deals with another deep issue. We are filming a documentary on the World Trade Center attack's 10 year anniversary. 9.11 Remembered  covers the bombings through the eyes of Ashland faculty and students and how it affected a small community, even though it happened in a city hundreds of miles away. 

Make sure to check out the 9.11 Remembered trailer here. 

I am so blessed to be apart of both of these programs and so excited to be learning more about my major and these issues.

With Love,


Miss Greater Cleveland/Cuyahoga County

This past weekend I competed at the Miss Greater Cleveland and Miss Cuyahoga County Pageant. I had a wonderful time getting to know all of the newer contestants and reconnecting with the girls I competed with last year. Congratulations to my good friend, Allison Goodwin, on winning Miss Cuyahoga County, and my new friend, Tera Coleman, on winning Miss Greater Cleveland!

This pageant season I have been making some changes that I'm pretty excited about:

Platform: I did change my platform to Habitat For Humanity. I love talking to people about the impact that this organization makes on communities and on people's lives whether it is new homeowners or the people who volunteer with the organization. I hope that people are able to see the passion that I have for Habitat for Humanity and I hope that I am inspiring them to get involved!

Evening Gown: I have a new evening gown which I am IN LOVE with. Last year I borrowed dresses from my Alpha Phi sisters, and I am so appreciative of their help and support through the whole process. A few weeks ago, I bought myself a dress so I wouldn't have to bug my wonderful sisters about borrowing their beautiful gowns. It's so nice to finally have a dress of my own that.

Talent: My talent last year was a jazz dance which I never really felt comfortable preforming so I knew that it was something I wanted to change, especially after my mishap at Sweeps back in March. I chose to do a ballet en pointe to "Senorita" by Bond this season. I really love the song as I feel that it shows off my more sassy and spicy side of my personality. Although I'm not a strong dancer (I've only been dancing for 5 years) and ballet en pointe is not my strongest form of dance, I really feel comfortable performing it on stage. I was so happy with the way it turned out at Miss Greater Cleveland/Cuyahoga County. I was so nervous about a Sweeps repeat and was so happy with myself that I didn't mess up or fall, haha.

Interview: I know I'm getting stronger in interview every time I do it, that is what I LOVE about the Miss America Organization and competing in pageants. It's all about self-development and creating a stronger you. I have been working on my interview with someone and I am so very grateful for all of her help over the past few weeks.

As you can see, I have been working hard on improving my skills and that is one of my favorite things about pageants- self development.

Up next is Miss North Coast on August 6th in Brunswick...

With Love,


Representin' Ashland University!

Miss Heart of Ohio, Alicia, and I


Summer Update

I can't believe it's July already! Summer is going by so quickly, but I'm okay with that. I'm ready for fall classes to start back up and for people to be back on Ashland University's campus. I've been living on campus this summer and it's been quite boring without all of my friends and Alpha Phi sisters!

So what have I been up to since my last post?

A few weeks ago I traveled back to Indianapolis, Indiana for Alpha Phi's Emerging Leaders Institute. I was selected by our International office to attend this program along with 150 other Alpha Phi sisters from across the United States and Canada. ELI was an incredible experience and I enjoyed getting to know sisters from other chapters while also learning about the history of women's leadership, Alpha Phi ritual, and how to lead with my values. 

Alpha Phi sisters

Shortly after arriving back home in Ohio, my hometown, Canal Fulton, had its annual Olde Canal Days Festival. As a former Olde Canal Days Festival Queen, I, of course, had to watch the Junior Queen and Queen pageants. I was very impressed with the quality of girls that competed this year and am so ecstatic for the new queen, Haley Ries, and her court. Haley is such a sweet girl and I wish her the best of luck during her reign. I'm excited to see what she does with her title.

Speaking of pageants, I will be competing at Miss Greater Cleveland/Cuyahoga County next weekend! This was my first MAO pageant last year and I'm excited to be returning this year. I'm also excited to showcase my new evening gown and talent (though I'm not a big fan of my costume, but hey, I can only afford one new thing at a time...*sigh*).

I've also decided to focus my platform on my work with Habitat For Humanity instead of volunteerism as a whole. Habitat For Humanity is such a unique organization that I truly enjoy volunteering with. I love that you aren't just donating money to a cause (though monetary donations are important!) you actually get to work hands on with the organization and really see the impact you are making on a community and a family's life. 

In preparation for interview, feel free to leave a comment asking me a question, any question!, and I'll answer it in my next post!

With Love,