Day 25

Day 25 - A picture of your day.

This morning I had my last Writing For The Media class with Professor Matt Tullis for the semester. We're a pretty lighthearted class who likes to joke around and try and make school a little more fun.

Since the class is in the CFA computer lab, students are often found on facebook, email, etc during class (we're horrible students, we know...). Well this morning, Chrissy took a picture of our dear professor while he was going over our exam for next week then promptly posted it on facebook and tagged the whole class in it. Since most of the class was already on facebook (I was not) the class busted out laughing and had a whole conversation via photo comments. It made my morning!

Some Matt Tullis quotes from this morning:

"Nobody ever listens to me..."
"You guys are gonna give me a complex."

Tullis still doesn't know what happened in class today.

With Love,

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