Day 01

I don't usually follow these when they go around Facebook, but I thought this might be fun to blog about. I usually use my blog to update my family and friends on what I've been up to in my life, but I would like to start posting fun blogs, too. Enjoy!

Day 01 - A picture of yourself with ten facts.

01. Alpha Phi

02. I'm a princess. You better believe it.
03. Favorite colors - Emerald Green, Red, Black (but not all together!)

04. I adore Audrey Hepburn. And not just because she's an icon. Miss Hepburn did something with her fame. She volunteered a lot of her time with UNICEF. She isn't just another Hollywood icon that just about every girl admires without knowing anything about her. She was a humanitarian. She changed the world and never let her fame go to her head. She remained humble, beautiful, and is still the epitome of class.
05. I have a heart shaped scar on my leg.
06. Even though it frustrates me often, I truly love my major (broadcast communications)
07. I love food. I do my best to eat healthy though.
08. I love a good workout. Seriously. 
09. I make corsages, boutonnieres, wedding bouquets, etc. I love flowers and I wish I could be a florist.
10. I love volunteering with Habitat For Humanity. 

With Love,

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