Day 18

Day 18 - A picture of your biggest insecurity.

Perfection is a myth; however, I am always chasing for it. For those who know me, they know that I am very hard on myself in every way possible. I expect perfection from myself in every way- my grades, my body, my confidence, my mannerisms, the way I act, my ability to do something. Everything. 

I know nobody can be perfect and I know that I am not perfect. I put on a few pounds this semester that I did not need. My grades dropped a little bit this semester. I flirted too much. I'm selfish. I could have been a better leader. 

I'm okay with who I am and confident in myself. I'm not the type of girl to sit around and complain about my weight or say "I'm ugly" or "I wish I could be so-and-so." However, I still expect more out of myself. I expect myself to do my best and BE the best. 

I guess that is what has been off with me this semester. I haven't been able to do anything perfectly.

With Love,

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  1. you are one of the most confident, amazing, beautiful woman i know. NEVER let anyone tell you differently. you are an inspiration and i'm PROUD to call you my sister. aoe <3