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Weekend Round-Up: Pageant Edition

This past weekend was not just Father's Day (Happy Father's Day to my dad and also to my bio-dad), but this weekend was also Miss Ohio and Miss USA pageants. (2 of my 6 favorite days of the year- Miss Ohio, Miss America, Miss USA, Miss Universe, Bid Day, and my birthday :p)

Saturday night, a new Miss Ohio was crowned. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford to buy tickets to see the pageant live but fortunately, they webcast the show so I was able to stream it live over the internet. Congratulations to Ellen Bryan, Miss Clayland, on becoming Miss Ohio 2011! Ellen won a $10,000 scholarship and will compete at Miss America in January. I wish her the best of luck throughout her reign and in her preparation for Miss America.

Congratulations to the women who rounded out  the Top 5!
First Runner Up: Alissa Brumbaugh
Second Runner Up: Amber Bussa
Third Runner Up: Meggie Whitman
Fourth Runner Up: Shannon O'Neill

It was really cool to watch the preliminaries and finals night this year. In years past as I followed the Miss Ohio Program, I didn't know any of the women competing and they were like celebrities to me. At my first Miss Ohio local, Miss Greater Cleveland/Cuyahoga County, I competed with Marisa Bucheit (2nd RU at Miss Ohio 2010), met Meggie Whitman (Top 10 at Miss Ohio 2010), Ashley Warholic (Miss Greater Cleveland 2010), Jessica Nelson (well-known local contestant), and Becky Minger, Miss Ohio 2010, and I remember being starstruck! Being able to get to know the Miss Ohio contestants this year and competing with them was a wonderful experience and I know for a fact that all the women who competed are great role models with so much talent, beauty, intelligence, and passion for their platforms. 

You can find more Miss Ohio Week photos at the following websites:

Sunday night a new Miss USA was crowned. I'm so happy that Miss New Mexico made the Top 16. I've been following her blog (Happy Brittany) for quite some time now and she is just a fabulous down-to-earth young woman. 

I'm also ecstatic for the Miss USA 2011, Miss California USA Alyssa Campenella! I've been rooting for her to win Miss USA since she won Miss California USA. I could not have been happier with this years Miss USA pageant. 

Photo from here.

Congrats to all the women who competed in Miss Ohio or Miss USA this weekend!

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Book Review: Water For Elephants

I recently finished Sara Gruen's "Water For Elephants," and really enjoyed it. So here is my first book review! Enjoy, lol.

"Water For Elephants" is a love story filled with history, drama, and comedy. The main character, Jacob, is a 90-something year old man who reflects back on his younger years when he worked for a circus during the Depression Era. The book goes back and forth between his current time in a nursing home and his past. 

While working for the circus at a veterinarian, Jacob meets Marlena, the horse trainer, Walter, a midget, and Rosie, the beautiful and abused elephant. 

Gruen definitely did her research before writing "Water For Elephants." Some parts of the story are inspired by true life events that she discovered during her research and the book includes beautiful photos from Depression Era circuses at the beginning of each chapter.

As a heads up to the animal lovers out there, this novel deals with circus animal abuse There are many scene that are quite gruesome and graphic. During the Depression Era, there were no regulations to protect animals.

All in all, this was a fabulous read and Gruen draws you in with her attention to detail and action.

I can't wait to go see the movie now!

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Birthday Wish List

With my birthday a little under a month away, I figured I'd help you out with what to get me ;P

"Morning Sunshine!" - Robin Meade - I absolutely adore Robin Meade, so of course, her book has been on my to-read list since it came out!

Q & A-A-Day 5 Year Journal - Seriously this little book is so adorable and is such a neat idea. Everyday you answer one of the questions and at the end of the year, you start over. Over the span of 5 years you'll see how much you've changed!

Make Up Brushes - As a makeup fanatic, I've been using the same brushes since I got my first set back in high school. It's time for an upgrade.

Alpha Phi Lavalier - I've had my eyes on a lavalier since I joined Greek life..the kind in my own letters anyway ;p

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