Reflecting on Alpha Phi

It finally hit me the other day that I will be entering my junior year of college this year. JUNIOR YEAR. What?! Where did time go?! I know I still have my senior year before I graduate but I like to take time to reflect on my campus involvement and college life as I enter each year - what I learned and what I need to improve.

I remember my freshman year like it was yesterday. After graduating in 2009 and then taking a year off, I was so excited to attend Ashland University. I was excited to make many new friends, go through sorority recruitment, expand my knowledge of the world around me, and live independently. One of my favorite memories from my freshman year was becoming good friends with the girls on the floor in my dorm. I convinced all of them to sign up for sorority recruitment, and then on Bid day, we found ourselves not just as friends, but as sisters in Alpha Phi. At the time, I didn't realize how much of an impact Alpha Phi would have on my life.

2010 Alpha Phi - Epsilon Alpha New Member Class

Reminiscing over the past few years, I have been able to experience so many opportunities I wouldn't have had, had I not joined Greek Life and Alpha Phi. Because of Alpha Phi (and ultimately, Greek Life), I have been able to reflect and grow through service, sisterhood, and leadership. I've been placed in so many different circumstances (good and bad) that have allowed me to learn more about myself, grow as a leader and person, as well as how to work with others. Alpha Phi has taught me so many different skills from event planning and budgeting to marketing a consistent image and conflict management and everything in between.

As many of you know, I am currently serving the Epsilon Alpha chapter as the Vice President of Member Recruitment. I have already learned so much through this position and I am SO excited for recruitment this fall. I've been working all summer strategizing, crafting, and planning with my department and advisors. We've made a lot of changes this year and I'm so excited to see how my Recruitment department has improved our chapter, which, I believe is one of the most important aspects of Greek life. Leaving an organization better than how it was when you joined - to leave a legacy.

Chanting in the suite to welcome our new members
-Bid Day 2011

So to my Alpha Phi sisters, remember that we only have 4 years to make a difference in the chapter before we become Alumnae members. Really use Alpha Phi to your fullest this semester. Get to know a sister you don't know as well. Take advantage of all the opportunities to learn and grow within your current leadership position. Take time to reflect on your experiences. It's amazing how much we learn from each other and change over the course of our years together.

And if you're an incoming freshman who has somehow come across this blog, sign up for recruitment! Going Greek is one of the best organizations you can join during your college years. Greek life will help you grow as a person, as a leader, and even as a professional. The opportunities are limitless as Greek life is the one organization where you can find everything - your social life, community service and leadership opportunities,  and a home away from home. Go Greek!

With Love,