Day 08

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh.

A lot of things make me laugh. So again, I had trouble choosing just one picture to post today, so here are a few pictures of my friends and I that make me laugh. My friends back home in Canal Fulton  and I did some ridiculously crazy things back in the day. We called ourselves "The Front Porch Kids" because after school everyone would come to my house and hang out on the front porch. We would hide bikes in the tree, attempt to get trucks that passed by to honk, trashcan wars and so much more. When I was with them I didn't care what time it was or what still needed done or how ridiculous I looked. We just had fun. 

Haley, Will, and Garrett hiding in my closet

The Front Porch Kids crash Rivertree Church's youth group meeting and bust out Twister

Trash Can Wars

Senior Prom

Scavenger Hunts..Sean kidnapping Alex while Codeman tries to distract Alex by wearing a gorilla mask...and my shirt....?

Haley, Sean, and I canoeing in Sean's pool (BEST PICTURE, EVER)

I swear to God we were sober during all of our madness. 

With Love,

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