#21 and #24

#21. Compete in a Miss America Preliminary.

On Saturday, July 24th, I competed in the Miss Greater Cleveland/Cuyahoga County Pageant. As many of you know, I have spent the past year building my interview skills, public speaking skills, working on my dance, working out, and studying various facts about Ohio, the senators, the representatives, the governor, the mayors, and current events. I carry a ziploc bag that holds about 500 index cards that have various interview questions on them front and back. As I walked into my interview with the judges, I saw all the things I worked so hard to improve walk right past me and out the door they went. I became what I worked so hard not to be- a hot mess.

After my interview that was filled with questions such as "what's the state bird?", "how do you feel about the oil spill?" and what is your favorite vintage item that you have collected?" it was time to practice my talent. I went up onto the stage, my music started playing, and then...my mind went blank. Technique, gone. Routine, gone. Smile, gone. The dance that I have been working on for the past year, gone. Finally, after a mini-freakout in the bathroom and going through the dance 4 times, I remembered it.

Finally, we had dinner, and then on with the show! Introductions, swimsuit, talent (I did pretty darn good, minus the fact that My toe got stuck on some metal thing on the stage floor during my turns, ugh!), evening gown, and onstage question (which came out as "umm...blah blah blahh, ummm...repeat")

So overall, I thought I could have done 100% better, had I not been a nervous reck since the moment I woke up that morning. Will I continue competing in MAO Locals? Heck yes.

Now on with the photos.

Contestants with Sylvia and Harvey Jenson, and Miss Ohio 2010, Becky Minger

Miss Ohio Becky Minger (When Becky came back to the dressing rooms to say "Hi" to the other contestants, I was starstruck, no joke. Hahaha)

#24. Get my braces removed.

Not many people know this about me, but when I was a youngun' back in elementry school, I was bullied almost everyday because of the way my teeth were. Even now that my teeth are more straight than what they used to be, you can definitely tell I was not genetically gifted with a "beautiful smile".

After nineteen very long years, I can now smile confidently without a worry that people are judging my smile.

Before, during, and after braces photos.

(This is also for #39. Go Clubbing, which is one of the most interesting things I think I have done, haha. I'm just too prude for clubs, I think.)

That's all for now, folks!

With Love,


National Hamburger Festival

I just returned home from the 2010 National Hamburger Festival held in Akron, Ohio. I competed for National Hamburger Queen but I received 3rd Runner Up out of 13 girls, I'm happy with that! I also was able to help a few Kent State students/teachers with a documentary/article they were working on for the pageant!

Queen- Katy Schmid
1st Runner Up- Brianne Campbell
2nd Runner Up- Marisa Zink
3rd Runner Up- Ashliegh Jarzenski
4th Runner Up- Kayla Miracle

Congrats to the girls that placed and I had a lovely time getting to know all the other contestants!

Now on to the photos!

Carli, Mandie, Me, Marisa, Nancy, and Megan promoting the pageant at Rock The Lock Night
Life Size Barbie

Melissa Menches Clapper, also a former Olde Canal Days Queen! '88 and '09!

Now on to Miss Greater Cleveland/Cuyahoga County next weekend! Wish me luck!

With Love,


It's over.

Now that the 2010 Olde Canal Days Festival is over and things are starting to calm down at the house, I would like to reflect on some of my favorite memories from the year.

At the 2010 Festival, I crowned the new queen, Miss Jordan Mundell, I had my caricature done with both of my sisters, I rode on a hot air balloon, I met my Grandma Roni for the first time, and I hosted the FIRST Olde Canal Days Queen's Breakfast.

My Queen's Breakfast was held Saturday morning before the parade and I had 12 visiting Queen's attend! The event was a huge success and I would like to thank my parents, my court's parents, David Derry, and Sean C. for helping me put the event together.

So, now that I'm done being the Olde Canal Days Queen, what's next, you ask? Well, this upcoming weekend I am competing for the National Hamburger Queen, then the weekend after that I will be competing at Miss Greater Cleveland/Cuyahoga Co.! I have been waiting TWO YEARS to be able to compete in my first Miss America local, and let me tell you, I am ready. Also, I'm hoping to be the Queen's Breakfast Chairperson for the Olde Canal Days Festival. I would hate to see all my hard work of making that event happen go to waste.

And now, on to photos from the 2010 Festival.

a few of the beautiful contestants

"O" For Olde Canal Days!"- Emily from Geauga Co. Maple

Riding the hot air balloon with Sean <3

My Grandma Roni and I rode the Canal Boat with the new Queen and Court

Crowning Jordan!

That's all for now!
With Love,


There she is...

Your 2010 Olde Canal Days Queen is Miss Jordan Mundell. Her attendants are Tracey Foust and Amiee Jarzenski. The Olde Canal Days Junior Queen is Jenna Hutzell with Kimberly Zickefoose as her attendant.

All of the contestants did a wonderful job and are all truely beautiful inside and out.

My Farewell Speech

This past year as the 2009 Olde Canal Days Queen has been incredible. My court and I attended ten festivals, rode in seventeen parades, and logged over 160 hours of community service. I have had so much fun representing Canal Fulton.

I would like to thank Julie and Sara for offering this opportunity of a lifetime year after year to the girls. To my court and their families, thank you for the wonderful year. I have made so many memories that I will cherish forever and I hope each of you has also.

To my dad, thank you for building our awesome float and driving the other girls and I through the parades.
To my mom, thank you for helping me plan my Queen’s Breakfast and helping me get everything done this year. To the both of you, thank you for your never ending love and support. This year would have been nothing without you two. Thank you.

To the new queen and court, make the most of your year, it goes by so quickly. Remember, the crown is just a keepsake until it is brought to life by the girl wearing it. Wear it proudly.

As I move on to be a Miss America Hopeful, I will never forget where it all began. Right here, on this stage, in Canal Fulton, Ohio. It has been an honor to represent you. For the last time, I am Ashliegh Jarzenski, your 2009 Olde Canal Days Queen. Thank you.

With Love,