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I had no idea that the blogging community did cute little awards like this Stylish Blogger Award! Thank you to one of my sorority sisters and fellow blogger Alyssa at SocraTeas for my first blogging award!

Receiving this award, I am now required to share seven facts about myself and tag seven stylish bloggers to do the same! Here we go!


What do mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie, and chocolate chip pancakes have in common?
They're my favorite foods.


I started my own business when I was 16. I taught myself how to make corsages, boutonnieres, and wedding bouquets, etc. I called it Simply Floral and the high school kids from around my hometown enjoyed my creations for their school dances. I love flowers and I wanted to go to school for floristry but I think I'm already developing arthritis so I don't think I would last too long in the field. 


I took a year off after graduating from high school. A lot of stuff was going on in my personal life at the time and I really didn't know what I wanted to do. I was really into, well, everything! I wanted to go to school for floristry, foreign languages, tourism, hospitality, business, botany, you name it, I wanted to do it at least once in my life. My year off helped me to figure out what I really want to do in my life, which is work in the broadcast and journalism fields.


I have attended four different school districts, six schools, and have lived in more houses than I can count on my two hands...and probably my toes, too. I moved around a lot as a kid which I believe helped me in the long run. Because I was always changing schools and moving, I had to learn to adapt to new situations and make new friends quickly. The downside to that is I don't really get attached to people which usually causes problems in relationships.


I'm passionate about everything I do. Alpha Phi. Pageants. Habitat For Humanity. Journalism & Digital Media  major. I put 110% into these things and I won'd do something if I'm not passionate about it. 
(Too bad I'm not passionate about my core classes...they're bringing me down and my GPA with it. sigh. Be passionate about academics is at the top of the Fall 2011 To Do list.)


"Miss Independent" by Kelly Clarkson is my theme songs. 


I have a super power. Finding a good deal. I'm a super shopper. 
No joke. I just bought a pair of $65 heels for $1.63. Brand new. I have no idea how I pulled that one off.
Never buy something for full price.

Seven Stylish Bloggers:

Super cute blog!

Brittany at Happy Brittany
She's Miss New Mexico USA 2011 and totally inspiring! 

Trisha at Live In Dreams
Tricia is a totally cool and chill..with awesome taste in music!

Abby at MISScellanea 
For all your Miss Ohio info! I'm Seriously obsessed with Abby's blog, lol

Pageant Qween at Pageants & Pearls
A blog for tips, tricks, and all things pageant related! Of course I would love it!

Frankie at The Ugly Truth
Frankie's blog is all about life ands its "ugly truths" that we all must face. Frankie is one of my first friends I made while at AU and I'm so happy that we're also APhi sisters <3

Amber and I go wayyy back to high school and we're now APhi sisters at AU. Right now shes doing the 30 Day Photo Challenge on her blog which is pretty awesome!

With Love,


  1. Yeah! I made the seven stylish :) And I will definitely do the 7 fun facts, as soon as the 30 day challenge is over!

  2. Love this and you! Miss you!