Things I've Learned

I have learned and changed so much in such a short amount of time since leaving my home and going off to college. There were good times, not so good times, and well, the just plain ugly times. Here are some things that I learned throughout this year.

1. Whenever something bad happens, I try to come away with a lesson from it. Learn from your mistakes, move on, and don't make that same mistake. I realize people make mistakes. People make a lot of mistakes, including me; but I'v learned you have to be ready for the consequences of those mistakes and be proactive in making sure you don't make the same mistake again and again.

2. The problem with being an overachiever, is that people will always expect you to over achieve and if you aren't for one moment, people become disappointed in you. Once people know what you are capable of, they expect you to be able to do everything.

3. Boys are stupid. Plain and simple. Sure, there's that one that isn't. But in general, boys are stupid and they aren't worth the stress or drama.

4. The best way to learn how to do something is to simply do it! Earlier this semester, I hated editing my videos because I did not know how to use the program we have called Avid. After many all-nighters in the Avid Lab I learned how to use the system and now I love editing!

5. Drama happens and people talk crap, but keep calm and carry on. I have gone through more drama in this one year of college than I ever had to put up with in high school. Two weeks after arriving on campus some girl was threatening to beat me up because I was becoming friends with a guy who she had liked. This semester, I went through hell and back. But you know what? IT DOESN'T MATTER!

6. I am capable of leading. In high school I never really had the chance to take on a leadership position in any of my activities. Now in college, I have a leadership position in Alpha Phi, Habitat for Humanity, 88.9 WRDL, and Alpha Lambda Delta. And you know what? I'm GOOD at leading! I'm learned that I'm not afraid to take an initiate to do or fix something. Something that was very different for me to experience this year was people followed me. I'm not talking creeping around bushes and stalking me kind of following. People followed me in a way that they watched what I was doing and trusted me to lead them the right way. It was just a really mind-blowing revelation for me to realize that I can be a leader and I am a leader.

With Love,


  1. I am glad you learned all this during your freshman year! I can't wait to see what the next three years bring. I'm glad you are my sister and my friend. Love and AOE<3, Rachael

  2. I love number 3 and the way you worded it. HAve a good summer dear:)