Hello Summer! I've Missed You!

Summer 2011 is finally here and I'm pretty pumped up about it!

School let out for me on Wednesday and I've been rockin' shorts and tank tops ever since!

This summer I'll be attending the Undergraduate Inter-Fraternity Institute and Alpha Phi's Emerging Leader Institute. Both programs I am very excited to attend both of these leadership programs and learn valuable skills that I can bring back to help my chapter, my panhellenic and IFC councils, campus.

I'll also be working at Ashland University as a student caller for the month of May and as the Director of Publicity for the student radio station, 88.9 WRDL. I'm very excited for my job as Director of Publicity as I'll be doing valuable work with my broadcast communications major. Maybe this will help me land an internship next summer?!

Besides all of these great opportunities, I still have a lot of time to kill since I am staying on the beautiful (but boring) Ashland University campus. So I took it upon my list-making self to make, of course, a list of things to do this summer!

1. Visit another state. 
With the potential of visiting Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Illinois, why WOULDN'T this be on the list!

2. Get an awesome tan.
To go along with #3...

3. Get a rockin' bod and workout everyday.
My six pack abs are coming out

4. Read 10 books.
Catch up on that to-read list....first up, Sara Gruen's Water For Elephants.

5. Go to Cedar Point.
I'm a thrill junkie. Dragster and Millenium, FTW!

6. Karaoke.

7. Klepto Tuesdays 
it's an APhi thing...ahaha

8. Watch 15 Classic Movies
such as Singin' In The Rain, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The Godfather, Psycho, etc official list coming soon...

9. Go to Warped Tour.

10. prepare for pageant season.
My next pageant is July 16th and you can be sure I'll be using this summer to kick up my pageant preparation.

With Love,

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