I am ready.

First and foremost, I want to thank the Richard G. Miller Memorial Foundation for providing a scholarship to cover my tuition for the Undergraduate Inter-Fratenity Institute. Without their financial support, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful and empowering institute that believes in Greek life and all that it has to offer collegiate students. I feel so blessed to have been able to experience UIFI, learn the things I have learned, and meet the amazing individuals that I met.

While at UIFI, I learned so much about leadership and Greek life. I learned that leadership is not a title; rather it is the change and impact one can have as an individual. We learned education does not stop when one is initiated into their fraternity/sorority.

One of the big things that I personally took away from UIFI is living Alpha Phi's Ritual. There are two types of ritual. There is Ritual (notice the uppercase R) and there is ritual (notice lowercase R).

Ritual with the big R represents ceremonies, traditions, creeds, purposes, mottos, symbols, etc.
Ritual with the little R represents a daily activity (example: how and when you brush your teeth; your morning ritual, etc).

Our goal as members of the Greek society is to make Ritual our ritual (notice the uppercase and lowercase!?). Make the values that are listed in our creeds and ceremonies part of your daily life. LIVE your Ritual.

On the morning or evening of your initiation you receive membership for life into your fraternity/sorority, secrets, sisterhood, and responsibilities. During initiation you tell the world that they expect something different from you. They expect a higher standard. We leave behind the excuse that "everyone else is doing it."

Greek organizations purpose in this world is to allow its members to strive for excellence in values and character by having its members hold each other accountable for the others actions. But we can't live our Rituals if we don't know our Ritual.

1. Learn your Ritual. Take a look at your Ritual Book, Initiation Ceremony, Creed, or Purpose. Memorize a part of it. Reflect on it.

2. Live your Ritual. Apply what you learned to your life. Everyday. Hold yourself accountable to it.

3. Teach your Ritual. Teach your Ritual to another brother/sister. Teach it to your new members. Allow them to learn it and live it. Hold each other accountable.

4. Expect it. Expect your brothers/sisters to live your Ritual. Turn Ritual into ritual.

Alpha Phi values scholarship, service, sisterhood, character development, loyalty, and leadership. I promised my sorority to live by these values the day I signed my bid. Today, I rededicate myself to these values. Sisters, I challenge you to do the same.

Remember your Initiation? Why did you join your fraternity/sorority? How are you living your Ritual?

Reignite that passion you had for your fraternity/sorority when you received your bid. Live your Ritual.

With Love,

Theta Tau Class; Chapter 6


Chad, Colin, and I

Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same 


  1. Great Post Ashliegh! It was awesome to meet you this past week. Best of luck!

  2. This is really awesome Ashleigh. I am so happy that you are my sister and feel so passionately about this fraternity. Sometimes we lose our passion and forget the reasons for what we do. You are definitely a guiding light for Alpha Phi right now. :)