Birthday Wish List

With my birthday a little under a month away, I figured I'd help you out with what to get me ;P

"Morning Sunshine!" - Robin Meade - I absolutely adore Robin Meade, so of course, her book has been on my to-read list since it came out!

Q & A-A-Day 5 Year Journal - Seriously this little book is so adorable and is such a neat idea. Everyday you answer one of the questions and at the end of the year, you start over. Over the span of 5 years you'll see how much you've changed!

Make Up Brushes - As a makeup fanatic, I've been using the same brushes since I got my first set back in high school. It's time for an upgrade.

Alpha Phi Lavalier - I've had my eyes on a lavalier since I joined Greek life..the kind in my own letters anyway ;p

With Love,

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