I believe in my fraternity.

This evening at UIFI, our lead facilitator, Erin of Delta Gamma, asked a few of us to recite our sorority or fraternity's creed, purpose, or motto. That few, lead to the entire room of participants reciting creeds, purposes, mottos, etc.

At this session of UIFI, I am the only participant from the Alpha Phi sorority. I felt so empowered when I stood up and said "Hand to Hand. Heart to Heart. I believe in my fraternity. I believe in Alpha Phi." Just standing there in this small room overflowing with Greek leaders and hearing the passion in their voices as they say their creeds reignited the passion I have for Alpha Phi, my own chapter, and Greek Life.

Near the end of spring semester, I was feeling burnt out after all the drama, formal, and Greek week. Being here at UIFI has reminded me of why I chose Alpha Phi and why I chose to set myself to the higher standards of Greek Life.

Alpha Phi Creed

I believe in the friendships formed
in the springtime of my youth.

I believe in its high ideals
which lift me up beyond myself.

I believe in its earnest drive for good scholarship,
moral character, and genuine culture.

I believe in it as a shrine of
international sisterhood wherein
I may find love and loyalty,
sympathy and understanding inspiration
and opportunity.

I believe in it as a creator of good citizenship,
helping me to do my work well,
to live in harmony with others, and
to serve my country and to trust in God.

I believe in my Fraternity.
I believe in Alpha Phi.

- Annette Holt Hitchcock, Pi 1912

With Love,

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