Age: Almost 20!

Bed Size: one of those college beds..i think its a twin?

Chore you Hate: vacuuming.

Dogs: Scooby. I'm not a big fan of dogs...

Essential start of your day: Fiber One Bar!

Favourite Colour: Emerald Green, Black, and Red

Gold or Silver: Gold

Height: 5'5"! 

Instruments I play: flute, oboe, trumpet

Job Title: Student. WRDL Student Operations Manager. Student Caller.

Kids: None

Live: Ohio

Mom's name: Kim
Mom & I

Nickname: JARZi!
One of my Senior Pictures (compliments of Decia Beck)

Pet Peeve: people with no self-confidence.

Quote from a movie: "On Wednesdays we wear pink!" - Mean Girls

Right or left handed: Right

Siblings: 2 half sisters, 1 step sister, 2  half brothers

Time you wake up: 9 am

Underwear: Victoria's Secret!

Vegetables you dislike: celery. ugh.

What makes you run late: bad timing

X-rays you've had done: wrist. ankle.

Yummy food you make: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. 

Zoo animal: OSTRICHES!!!!!!
They're not my favorite animal (that would be polar bears, dolphins, and white tigers) but I kinda have a thing for them. If you went to high school with me, you would understand. :p

And now you know some pointless fun facts about me! 

With Love,

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