Empty is the head that wears the crown

I saw Alice in Wonderland with Megan, Nathan, and Natalie this past weekend. It was fantastic! It's probably one of my new favorite movies. None of us could complain about it! (except Cheshire Cat was the wrong color, but we're ok with that :p) Anne Hathaway as the White Queen was perfect, Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter was even more. All the actors played their character phenomenally. How anyone could NOT like this movie is beyond me. Tim Burton did a fabulous job.

This weekend my sister, Amiee, starred in 'Steel Magnolias', a play put on by the Canal Fulton Players. Though they didn't have a ligitimate stage, the ladies did a fabulous job! I enjoyed the play, even though it had a few scenes that 'slapped me in the face.' They joked about pageants, the 'Miss Merry Christmas' winner, "Empty is the head that wears the crown", swimsuit competition, "Most women look for a swimsuit that will lift and separate, I look for one that will divide and conquer" and when I thought they were done, baton twirling was next on their list. Hahaha, thank you, Steel Magnolias.

With Love,
2009 Olde Canal Days Queen

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