Hello 2011!

Another year gone and another year has just begun! 2010 was a great year! I traveled all over Ohio to various festivals as the 2009 Olde Canal Days Queen, passed on my title, met my Grandma Roni, traveled to Oklahoma, went to college, started competing in Miss Amercica Locals, and have made so many new friends who have truly blessed my life.

My three goals for my first semester at college were 1)Lose five pounds, 2)join a sorority, and 3) make the Dean's List. I am proud to say I accomplished all three of those goals!

People usually make one or two new year's resolutions, but as you all know me, I'm quite the overachiever. Haha. For the past few years, I've made lists of fun and crazy things to do during that year. In 2009, it was the 365 Things To Do and in 2010 I lowered it to 100 Things To Do. So this year, I am yet again lowering the number.

I now present you with the 10 Things To Do In 2011!

1. Compete at Miss Ohio 2011 OR Win a local title to compete at Miss Ohio 2012. (Scholarship, Fun)
2. Make the Dean's List. Again. :] (Scholarship)
3. Lose 5 pounds. (Fitness)
4. Do at least 200 hours of community service. (Service)
5. Be the best Director of Chapter Events *Alpha Phi!* and Off-Campus Fundraising Chair *Habitat For Humanity!* I can be. (Leadership)
6. Run a 5K. (Fitness)
7. Visit a state I haven't visited yet. (Fun)
8. Commit a conscious act of kindness everyday. (Service)
9. Open a savings account. (Financial)
10. Get involved with Ashland's Collegian or WRDL 88.9, or both! And continue my involvement with TV2. (Career)

So here's to another great year!

With Love,

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