Pageant Interview Tips

With Olde Canal Days Festival pageant interviews and the meet & greet tomorrow evening, I thought I would share some valuable interview advice for the contestants!

Meet and Greet:

-Good posture at all times.
-Do not stand with your arms crossed. It comes off as standoffish.
-Don't hog the judges. Let other contestants in on the conversation by telling them what you were discussing with the judge and asking for their opinion on the subject. (This shows the judge that you are comfortable with people ;] )
-If the judges have you in mind, they will ALWAYS be watching you. So always have a smile on, be kind and courteous to all, and for gosh sake, stand up straight!


-Walk in confidently. Walk out confidently.
-How to Sit: Do not let your back touch the back of the chair. Good posture! Cross your legs at the ankles, NOT the knee. Hands should be folded in your lap.
-Make eye contact with each judge!
-55% of communicating is through body language. When you fidget, play with your hair, fingers, jewelry, etc. it shows that you are nervous!
-Don't be afraid of the judges. They are normal people just like you and me.

A Few Practice Questions:

-What do you think your responsibilities will be if you are crowned Olde Canal Days Queen?
-Why did you chose to run for the title of Olde Canal Days Queen?
-What activities do you look forward to during your reign, if you are chosen as the new queen?
-What are your goals for the future?

And my last piece of advice for the contestants: "Be the crown...you are the crown" (Miss Congeniality)

With Love,
2009 Olde Canal Days Queen

P.S. A crown is just a keepsake until it is brought to life by the titleholder and her services to others.

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