Though I'm not Catholic, I still take part in this religious 'tradition.' This year I am giving up soda. If you know me you know that I am addicted to Coca-Cola.

I gave up soda for a month last year and almost went crazy. But I am determined to give it up for good...or for 40 days at least. Haha.

To keep my mind off of the soda I am replacing the soda-drinking problem with working out everday. I usually work out 3 times a week (2 days of dance classes + 1 day of various exercises at home) but I would like to try working out more often. 40 days til a better bikini body. Hahah..

Stay strong.

With Love,
2009 Olde Canal Days Queen

P.S. I gave my blog a makeover. Did you notice?!

Probably not. Hahaha.

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