'I like you. You're nice.'

Amiee, Danielle, Caroline, Me

This afternoon, REACH returned to theWaterside Group Home and gave the residents 'makeovers'. The members did the resident's nails, make up, and styled their hair. My sister, Amiee, did Danielle's nails/make up/hair, while I worked on Caroline. Caroline was just the cutest and sweetest thing ever. As I did her nails she kept wanting to hug me and telling me 'I like you. You're nice.' All the residents are just awesome. Don't they look beautiful!?

REACH is a group that I have been a member of for about 6 months now. We plan events that will benefit the people in our community and surrounding community and also fundraise for those events.

In September 2009, we planned Noise Festival 2009 that featured bands in the area and concessions and such. All the proceeds from the event are used to benefit others, such as the Waterside Group Home and Hope Ministries in Akron.

The Waterside Group Home is a home for adults with mental disabilities who can not live on their own. Back in December 09, REACH planned a Christmas party for the residents complete with Santa & Mrs. Claus, pizza, a photographer, and tons of presents for each of the residents. Waterside has been in Canal Fulton for 20 years now and REACH was the first group to ever recognize and help the home.

Coming up this Friday, REACH will be heading out to Akron's Hope Ministries to serve the homeless. We will be giving them pizza, punch, and cookies, and also a blanket to stay warm. We have signed up to serve with Hope every other month for the next year.

If you would like more information on REACH or are interested in becoming a member please feel free to contact me.


Wow, that was a pretty horrible picture of me up there..oh well.

This past weekend I was supposed to attend Miss Maple City, which is a Miss Ohio preliminary pageant held in Norwalk. I was going to attend to learn what I'm going to need to do to prepare for next season. Unfortunately, Ohio was hit with a snow storm that left a little more than 2 feet of snow on the ground in less than 24 hours (with another one on the way tomarrow afternoon, ugh). So since I was unable to attend Miss Maple City, I will be in attendance at Miss Muskingum Valley March 5-6th..hopefully, haha.

Thursday is the Change Bandits Bash where the Canal Days Queen's Court and I will be turning in the money we collected for the Akron Children's Hospital/Children's Miracle Network. So far we have ALMOST $200 collected. Think we will get more than $200 by Thursday? I think yes!

Saturday is Northwest's Winter Formal. I will not be in attendance, but my flowers will be! Simply Floral has a total of 15 flower orders (that's not very much, but considering most of the students aren't going this year, I'll take it) for this year's Winter Formal. And even though I'm not in high school anymore, I will be helping my friends Rachel and Haley get ready. Ever since they were freshmen (I was a sophomore) we have been preparing for dances together so it's become quite the tradition.

Sunday evening I'm leaving for Ashland University for an overnight visit. I'm pretty excited about it. Meet new people, visit the college I plan on attending, find the gym so I know where to go for dance team auditions later this month, and I won't be alone on Valentine's Day (not that it matters).

Well that's all for now!

With Love,

2009 Olde Canal Days Queen

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