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For some reason, I find myself in the Akron Public Library today. There's a guy screaming on his phone and stomping up and down the staircase. Before him a group of college guys from Akron U were running around causing havok. They were kinda entertaining to watch. Though again, annoying too due to the fact that you don't go around the library screaming like hooligans. Oh my, the library is full of crazies today.

And now my computer is telling me I only have 9 minutes left to be on the internet. Fantastic.

Change Bandit Bash tonight. I'll post pictures later. The Canal Days girls have collected $201.98 to donate to the Akron Children's Hospital.

More tonight.


Just got back home from the Change Bandit Bash. The Change Bandits that attended (170 out of 1,000 people) donated $70,000 all together to the Akron Children's Hospital. More than 600,000 kids go through the Akron Children's Hospital every year.

With the two clowns that were there.

With Keith and Krissy

The people at the table who my mom and I sat with didn't cheer when Keith asked everyone to, and we ended up being called to the stage and had to be cheerleaders. So embarassing. Hahaha.

And now I'm off to work on Simply Floral Winter Formal flowers since I'm kind of behind on those. I haven't had the motivation to make them this week and have been putting them off, and now all the customers want to pick up their flowers tomarrow instead of on Saturday like I told them. Talk about bad karma. Haha.

With Love,
2009 Olde Canal Days Queen

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