100 Things To Do In 2010

As many of you might know, at the end of 2008 I made a list of 365 Things To Do in 2009 because my boyfriend at the time said I was boring (Also because I'm infamous for making to-do lists). So to prove him wrong I made the list. I just tallied up all the things I did that were on the list and I completed 162 out of 365. Almost half. So, in honor of the half of the 2009 list that WASN'T completed, I bring you the 100 Things To Do in 2010 List. Enjoy!

1. Ride a motorcycle.
2. Go out to eat alone.
3. Try a jalapino pepper.
4. Attend a frat party.
5. Feng Shui my bedroom/dorm room.
6. Be a WKDD Change Bandit.
7. Go apple picking.
8. Take a yoga class.
9. Get 6-Pack abs.
10. Attend Warped Tour.
11. Get a nice summer tan.
12. Read the Bible everyday for at least a month.
13. Feed ducks at a pond.
14. Go to a haunted house.
15. See a movie at the Interntional Film Festival in Cleveland.
16. Go to Clay's Park.
17. Chase an ice cream truck.
18. Camp out.
19. Ride an airplane.
20. Say "Hi!" and smile at every strander I meet/see for one day.
21. Compete in a Miss America preliminary.
22. Host the first Olde Canal Days Visiting Queen's Breakfast/Luncheon.
23. Save $1000.
24. Get my braces removed.
25. Do wings in tap correctly.
26. Make $500 off one dance from Simply Floral.
27. Go to college.
28. Do 200 hours of community service.
29. Do a center split.
30. Make a new friend.
31. Get a massage.
32. Get whiter teeth.
33. Get a mani/pedi.
34. Eat a strawberry.
35. Go on a picnic.
36. Sit on the roof of a house.
37. Pretend I know someone in public.
38. Make railroad money.
39. Go clubbing.
40. Get my liscense.
41. Spend a weekend in West Virginia.
42. Keep my room clean for two weeks.
43. Go on a roadtrip.
44. Participate in Operation Christmas Child.
45. Walk or run in a Charity Walk.
46. Jump in a pile of leaves.
47. Get a new mp3 player.
48. Lose my Rocky Horror Picture Show virginity. (Go see it live for those who don't understand, hahah.)
49. Ride a hot air balloon.
50. Buy Girl Scout Cookies from a Girl Scout.
51. Take the twins to Twinsburg, Ohio for Twin's Day Festival 2010.
52. Have a 'Halloween' movie marathon.
53. Go horseback riding.
54. TP a car.
55. Don't drink soda/pop for one month.
56. Visit Ashland University.
57. Work out at least 3 times a week.
58. Make a homemade pizza.
59. Win a scholarship.
60. Get a guy's number.
61. Build a sadcastle.
62. Watch a movie on the back porch with friends.
63. Sell my old dresses.
64. Write a poem.
65. Play an Oujai Board.
66. Send someon a dozen of roses.
67. Throw an Ugly Sweater Party.
68. Watch a musical live.
69. Make homemade ice cream.
70. Ask someone on a date.
71. Finish a 1000 piece puzzle.
72. Catch a snowflake on my tounge.
73. Go to the zoo.
74. Do a pirouette en pointe.
75. Do a triple pirouette.
76. Give blood.
77. Tie-Dye a tee shirt.
78. Kiss someone under a mistletoe.
79. Go to a Baskin' Robbins.
80. Make homemade lemonade.
81. Go bowling.
82. Request a song on the radio.
83. Eat a salad.
84. Get a pair of black ballet flats.
85. Send Sean his annual Jarzimade ornament.
86. Read the newspaper at least once a week.
87. Run a mile.
88. Make a gingerbread house.
89. Kiss someone at 11:11.
90. Finish a sudoku puzzle book.
91. Read 'The Fountainhead' or 'The Anthem' by Ayn Rand.
92. Wash a car by hand.
93. Finish my scrapbooks (Senior Year and Canal Days)
94. Throw a surprise party for someone.
95. Watch a sunrise.
96. Watch a sunset.
97. Turn 19.
98. Take better care of my skin.
99. Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's Eve 2011.
100. Finish this list by 12:01 A.M. on January 1, 2011

With Love,
2009 Olde Canal Days Queen

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