The more you dress up, the more fun you'll have!

To kick off the month of December, I attended the Dalton Holiday's Festival Queen's Luncheon and Parade on the 5th. I had so much fun making new friends and visiting with my Ohio royalty sisters. After the luncheon, we were off to the parade line-up. At the line-up we put together the Olde Canal Days float. My poor mother had to drive the float for the first time and had to get the Lorain International mom to back the float into our spot! While assembling our float she almost fell down a hill, too! :[ After the parade, we headed back to Canal Fulton to prepare for the Christmas on the Canal Light Parade! Now that was a very VERY chilly parade!

On December 9th, the REACH members all got together to wrap gifts for the Christmas party we were throwing for the mentally disabled adults housed at the Waterside Group Home. We threw the Party on December 12th. We gave each of the residents a stocking filled with crayons, coloring books, and soft cakes (Hostess type stuff); all the things that they asked for; and a teddy bear. We sang carols with them and had Santa, Mrs. Claus, and two elves deliver the gifts to them. The residents were delighted! I will never forget their smiles and laugher! I helped one of the residents, Jerry, open his gifts. I don't know why but I was attached to him from the moment I saw him. He was definitely my favorite. (Shh!, don't tell the others that! They were great too!) During the party I was talking to one of the elves and realized we competed in Canton Cinderella together back in February!

This past weekend I went and saw 'The Princess and The Frog' with my friends- Sean, Nathan, and Natalie. Natalie and I decided it would be fun to dress up as princesses since it was a princess movie, haha! Before the movie, we went to lunch at KFC where we received some funny looks. Its not everyday you see two beautiful princesses, I guess! Haha!

Only 10 more days til Christmas and 16 more days of 2010! I have been doing nothing but making gifts for my friends and family, and reading Atlas Shrugged. I want to have this book finished by the new year! I have only been reading it for SIX MONTHS!! You think I would have finished it by now. Ha!
Now off to read Atlas Shrugged :]

With Love,
2009 Olde Canal Days Queen

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