God Bless Us, Everyone!

Well, I finally finished Atlas Shrugged! I finished it on December 19th at 4:48 A.M. I was so determined to finish it I pulled an all-nighter! It's a wonderful book, very intriguing, but very long and very wordy. It seemed reletively similar to today's current economy crisis. I am also in love with one of the main characters names- Dagny. I love it.

Also on December 19th I attended Upstage Performing Arts Academy's Christmas Party and danced with my fellow students. After the party I went back home and prepared for the Olde Canal Days Queen's Christmas Party. We had a lot of fun. We exchanged gifts, ate some good food, (Dirt pudding? Can I get a 'Heck yeah!') and played Disney Scene It.

Sunday morning I had to work. On my way ot the door the neighbor's dog is running circles around my house and tackles me. After that encounter I start walking down the hill towards Sister's Century House Restaurant. O the way down I slip and fall in the snow. I finally arrive at Sister's covered in snow and am then told that it is my last shift to work there. The  restaurant is not busy enough to keep me working there.  :[

Sunday night a bunch of friends and I got together and we decided to pull a Facebook prank. We put all of our status' as 'R.I.P. Zach ___', who was one of the people in attendance at the get-together. His brother put his status as 'R.I.P. Zach. it's abot time!' so people would realize its just a joke. We all left it like that for FOUR MINUTES. Facebook status were exploding with our 'rumor' and people actually believed it. People who never cared or talked to Zach were putting 'R.I.P. Zach we will miss you'! Then we announced it was just a prank. Haa...it ended up being talked about for 2 hours later on Facebook! People were so offended by the joke. It wasn't like we were making fun of death or anything, we just wanted to see what would happen. We were called 'immoral' by two girls who were talking on Facebook about getting drunk. HAHAHA. Yeah. Ok.


Word on the street is Christmas is on Friday. Yeah! Enjoy all the different versions of 'A Christmas Carol' (My personal favorite version is 'The Muppets Christmas Carol')

Merry Christmas, everyone!

2009 Olde Canal Days Queen

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