"Every generation needs a new revolution."- Thomas Jefferson

Check out www.yearofyouth.org. It is an organization that I have recently discovered and like the idea of. It is rallying young people to get involved locally and promotes localism and decentalization which will put the power back in the constituent's hands. The Year of Youth is the upcoming election year 2012. It's maximum effort will be on the eve of election day of 2012. (November 5th, 2012)


In other news...
This evening REACH put on a Christmas-type shindig for people who might have lost a spouse and/or are lonely. It was a fun event filled with food, entertainment, and fun. We had a comedian come in, whom was pretty funny! She made jokes about old age and 'senior moments'. One of the guests brought in homemade peppermint patties, kind of like York patties, but way better! They were so delicious, I wish I had remembered to ask for the recipe! I guess I'll have to remember to Google it later. :p

With Love,
2009 Olde Canal Day Queen

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