Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Have fun trick-or-treating!

Anyways, here's an October Update..

To kick off the month of October, Alpha Phi had a date party event where all the sisters invited their boyfriends or friends to a hayride and bonfire event! I invited my room mate, Eryn, to be my "date". The event was tons of fun, even if the hayride wasn't scary. lol

Me, Marker, and Eryn 

On October 16th, my family celebrated my dad's 40th birthday by throwing a surprise party for him! We invited many friends, family, and people over to celebrate! The event turned out to be a success and dad had no idea the party was planned!

Last weekend I carved pumpkins with my Alpha Phi sisters, went and saw Ashland University's production Of Mice and Men, and went on a hayride with Sean and his entire family. 

About in the middle of the month, I received a "Big." Which pretty much means that I got a "big sister" in Alpha Phi. Woot! This is Lauren, my Big...

Today, October 30th, I was initiated into the Alpha Phi Fraternity. This morning was the ceremony, where the new members learned many of the Alpha Phi secrets. After the ceremony, we all went to the Silver and Bordeaux Banquet where we were surprised by our family members! My mom and grandma came all the way out to Ashland to congratulate my initiation into Alpha Phi!  

November will be filled with the Alpha Phi Red Dress Gala, St. Jude's Letter Writing Party to raise awareness of the St. Jude's Hospital, registering for classes, preparing for the winter pageant season, making Christmas gifts, and Thanksgiving festivities.

That's all for your October update!

With Love,

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