The College Life

Last Friday, I started a new chapter in my life called COLLEGE!!!! And so far, I love it, even though I feel like all I do anymore is eat, walk up and down staircases, read, and eat. LOL The campus, the people, the food, the town, the dorms, the classes, it's all great. I was definitely ready to take on Ashland University. Yes, I do miss my family, friends, and Canal Fulton, but I adapt quickly and I think that is because of all the moving around to different schools and towns when I was younger.

This semester I am taking Understanding Politics, English Comp, Intro to Mass Communication, Media Tech, Through The Bible, and Accent On Success, the required freshman class. So far, I like all of them, but I'm really excited about my Media Tech class.

I plan on "going Greek" and join a sorority. Recruitment week is September 12-18th and I'm pretty excited for it! I also am going to get involved with Community Care, which is simply a large community service group and then all the students who join choose which team they will join. The teams are Hunger, Habitat for Humanity, Youth and Literacy, Crisis, Elderly, and many more. I hope to team up with Habitat and Literacy.

My 3 goals for this semester:
1. Academic- I want to make the Dean's List.
2. Social- I want to join a sorority.
3. Personal- I want to lose 5 pounds. (Nooo Freshman 15 here!)

Pictures of my half of my dorm.

With Love,
Ashliegh Jarzenski

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