Goodbye Canal Fulton, Hello Ashland!

Tomorrow morning, I will be making the move from one small-town to an even smaller town. I will be leaving my home in Canal Fulton, where I have grown up for the past five years, and will be moving into a dorm room at Ashland University.This evening was 'The Last Hurrah' for the summer. Many of my friends and I got together at Heritage Park to hang out for the last time before we all go off to college. .

Through all the packing up my bedroom for the big move, many emotions have come about. Excitement. Sadness. Lonliness. Fear. Happiness. But I look them in the face and say "I have waited a whole year for this, and now, I am ready. Bring. It. On."

Twiggy, Audrey, and Grace <3

Above my bed

Farewell my beloved hometown.

With Love,

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