Costa Rica!

There are only five more weeks of this semester and I can not wait til summer! This summer, I will be studying abroad in Costa Rica for a month. I am so excited to immerse myself into a new culture that is full of interesting foods to try, beautiful places to visit, and new friends to be made. Only 35 days til I board the plane...not like I'm counting or anything though.

Just through the pictures I've seen, Costa Rica is a very beautiful country. They take pride in all they have to offer in means of rain forests, cloud forests, volcanoes, and beaches. Ecotourism plays an important part in Costa Rica's industry. For a class project, I will be exploring how social media has an impact on the ecotourism industry and posting my discoveries onto this blog over the course of the next month or so.

According to Socialearth.org, Costa Rica "leads the world in sustainable and conservation tourism."

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