Lessons Learned in 2011

1. Everyone suffers some kind of pain or hurt. Saying this semester was rough is putting it lightly; however, I know I wasn't going through a killer semester alone. I believe my whole group of friends would agree with me in saying that even though we went to hell-and-back this semester, we came away from it stronger because we had each other. And when I had nothing else to cling to, I knew I had the best (sorority) sisters anyone could ask for. Here's to Alpha Phi's Sophomore Class!

2. Don't take anything for granted. After seeing the devastation in Tuscaloosa, I really gained a whole new perspective on life. It's going to be years before Alabama recovers from the natural disaster. Sometimes I think we all forget that we should be grateful for simply having a roof over our heads. Seeing the things I have seen this year in Alabama and in LA has really brought me back down to earth and to remember that everything one has can be taken in an instant.

3. TTP: Trust the Process. This is a phrase that has been said on repeat to me throughout the past year. I first heard it at UIFI, and then again at Alpha Phi's ELI, and then AGAIN during my Service Immersion Trip to Tuscaloosa. I've learned to take a step back and just let go. Sometimes things don't always go as planned, if there even is a plan. Trusting the process is all about learning to trust others and trusting that, even though it may not look like it at any given point, that things will turn out right and the way they need to be. It's about not being in control and stepping outside of your comfort zone. To trust the process is to stop questioning everything and to have faith in yourself and others.

4. I learn so much more about myself, others and skills that I can actually apply in the "real world" through my activities outside of the classroom. Seriously, through my leadership positions on the Habitat For Humanity and Alpha Lambda Delta Exec Boards and through my position in Alpha Phi, I have learned valuable skills that will actually be applicable to my future. These skills such as event planning, managing a budget, conversation skills, communication etiquette, leading others, and so many others will be the skills that will help me land a job, not the facts about the Civil War or how to do some ridiculous mathematical equation. If I could, I would totally double major in extracurricular activities and leadership. Hah.

4. Boys are still stupid. Enough said.

So here's to a new year, a better semester, and good memories.

With Love,

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