Miss Ohio Sweeps

Although I did not win a sparkly ticket to Miss Ohio 2011, I am so happy for the girls who did. Priya (Miss Huron County), Ashley (Miss Buckeye State), Alyssa W.(Miss Willard), Alyssa P. (Miss Ohio River), Jenna (Miss Mohican Valley), and Alicia (Miss Heart of Ohio) deserved this opportunity and I am proud of each of them. I am so glad I was able to spend my whole day (8 am to 9 pm!) with a group of classy, intelligent, talented, beautiful, and just fabulous young women. A special shout out goes to miss Jessica for assuming the title of Miss Cuyahoga County. I'm so very happy that she gets to compete at Miss Ohio for the first time this summer. After all of the work she puts into her platform and preparation she definitely deserves this opportunity.

I will continue to compete in the Miss America Organization next season. Miss Cuyahoga County/Miss Greater Cleveland is set for July 16th, just four months away, and you can sure bet that I'm already preparing for next season.

After Sweeps, I got to thinking about my platform, "The Benefits of Volunteering." I love the idea of promoting how people aren't just benefiting their communities but also benefiting themselves when they volunteer; however, I do a lot of work with Habitat For Humanity and love the mission of this great organization. So I'm thinking about changing my platform to focus on Habitat, but I'm not sure about it yet.

What are your thoughts? Should I continue with the platform that I have, "The Benefits of Volunteering," which I do volunteer for various organizations quite a bit (American Cancer Society's Relay For Life, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospitals, Children's Miracle Network, Women's Cardiac Care, etc), or should I change it to focus on Habitat For Humanity, which I am Ashland University chapter's Off-Campus Fundraising Chair/Local Builds Chair and Collegiate Challenge Spring Break participant? Or even focusing on  a different organization that I volunteer for, women's cardiac care, perhaps? All of these organizations I feel passionately about (I don't do something unless I do!), so it's hard for to to choose just one. What to do, what to do.

As for interview, I am starting to feel more comfortable in the interview room and talking to the judges, but I would really like to work on my interview skills before next season. As I said in my previous post, I'm ready to kick my pageant training up a notch. I'm ready to do what it takes to win. Better interview is where it starts, since it is often believed that the pageant is won in the interview room.

Now that the Miss Ohio 2011 Class is complete, I congratulate all of you on winning your perspective titles and wish each of you the best of luck during Miss Ohio Week!

With Love,
Aslhiegh Jarzenski


Evening Gown during Sweeps 1


On Stage Questions during Sweeps 1

Beautiful Contestants!

On Stage Questions Sweeps 2

Thank you to Ross Clark of Roark Studios for the beautiful pictures!

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  1. I love that green evening dress!! I like the idea of making your platform more specific, I mean I don't know anything about pageants but I think it would look organized, especially because you have experience in it :) Great post!