So excited!

Well Olde Canal Days is coming up here quick! It's this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and its the 40th Anniversary!

I've been competing in the Queen's Pageant for three years now! My interview was last Friday, it went great! Probably the best interview I've had so far. I'm estatic for the pageant on Friday.

Thursday is the Junior Queen's Pageant and when all the contestants introduce ourselves and perform our dance number. I helped choreograph the Juniors number, it's to "You Can't Stop The Beat" from Hairspray. The Seniors number is to "R.E.S.P.E.C.T." I also have to do my jazz recital dance with my studio since they are the entertainment for the evening while the judges do the scoring.

Then on to Friday!

The senior contestants [I'm one!] are a really tight-knit group this year. We are all good friends and we get along so well!

On Saturday is the Grand Parade, I'm really excited for this year because with it being the 40th Anniversary, they are bringing back all the past Canal Days Queens! They got ahold of all of them and all of them are coming, except for 8! The 1969 Queen will be the Grand Marshall. I cant wait to meet all of them! [maybe hopefully as the 2009 Queen, which would be amazing!]

I'm also excited for my friend, Garrett. He will be performing in the First Annual Battle of The Bands contest. He entered with his band at the time [Heros Inn Error], but then the band is having difficulty so he will be doing his solo act- Garrett Gone Accoustic. I can't wait to hear him play!

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