Hello Sophomore Year!

I've returned from LA and am back in action at Ashland University!

What an incredible and eye-opening opportunity it was to work on the Mary Kay Inspiring Stories program. Hearing the stories of the women who will be featured in the documentary and getting to know the women on Team Joy was a wonderful experience that I wouldn't trade for the world. The women's stories of overcoming domestic violence were so empowering and filled with hope. The women who were on the Team Joy crew with me were, well, filled with joy! I made so many new friends and learned so much from those five women. I am truly blessed to have them placed into my life.

 I would like to thank Mary Kay and Dreaming Tree Films for putting on this program that will empower women all over the world. I would also like to thank my sorority, Alpha Phi, for putting the application link on their Facebook. Had they not linked to it, I would have never found out about the program and never would have had such an incredible opportunity.

And now, I'm back at the lovely Ashland University for year two. This semester I am taking 18.5 credit hours, while also maintaining my leadership positions in Habitat for Humanity, Alpha Lambda Delta, 88.9 WRDL, and TV2. I will also be taking my newspaper practicum this semester so be on the lookout for a few articles written by yours truly in The Collegian!

Goals for the semester:
1. 3.5 GPA. What's up, Dean's List!? I missed you!
2. Plan Alpha Phi Semi-Formal without losing my mind.
3. Get at least 10 new people to volunteer with Habitat For Humanity.
4. DON'T GO INSANE. We don't want a repeat of last semester, yikes.

I am so excited for all the opportunities that will present themselves this semester and throughout my sophomore year. And already, Greek Life is showing it's benefits as I will be working on my blogging/journalism skills as a Collegiate Perspective blogger on the Alpha Phi blog and will be attending the Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values' Tuscaloosa Immersion Trip.

For those of you freshman who may have stumbled upon my blog, GO GREEK. It is truly an amazing experience, and the best part of it is: it doesn't stop after you graduate. When you join a Greek organization, whether it's Alpha Phi, Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Mu, Delta Zeta, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Kappa Psi, or Phi Delta Theta, you join for life. I will never say "I was an Alpha Phi," but will always say "I AM an Alpha Phi."

And now, I must do some homework....

With Love,

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